C2, 4-in-1 Alarm Clock With Wireless Bed Shaker

Gesture-controlled nightlight, jumbo-display time, speaker, dual USB charging ports, and wireless bed shaker that will wake you up!


  • Wireless Bed Shaker
  • Time Sync & Jumbo-Display
  • Speaker
  • Dual USB Charging
  • Gesture-Controlled Nightlight
  • Dial to Set Alarm/Time
  • $59
  • $84
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C2 in black & white
C2 in black & white


Based on the success of our previous C1pro and the feedback from thousands of customers, we are now ready to launch C2, the next generation alarm clock that streamlines & combines all bedside essentials in a new design with more features and convenience.                                                                                 




C2 has it all! A jumbo-display clock, clear audio speaker, dual-USB charging port, gesture-controlled nightlight and a revolutionary wireless bed shaker that wakes you up silently with a gentle motion. Perfect for those who need extra vibration to be woke-up or don`t want to disturb the other one on the bed, and it’s the alarm clock that you have been waiting for.                 

Wireless Bed Shaker


We realize that not everyone gets up at the same time. The wireless vibration disc is the perfect way to be woken with a gentle, silent vibration. Place it near you to wake up without disturbing others.

The vibration disc is also helpful for those who are hearing impaired or require an extra nudge to get moving in the morning.

Time Sync & Jumbo-Display


Sync the time couldn’t be easier. Simply connect C2 to your iPhone and the correct time will automatically sync with the phone in 12 or 24 hour format. 

The 3.2 inch LCD time display is big enough to see clearly at a glance and easy on the eyes with multiple brightness levels that automatically to for ambient light conditions.      



C2 includes a discrete and great sounding internal speaker to stream music from your phone. Choose the perfect music for your mood and enjoy it from the comfort of your bed to get your day started.                                              

Dual USB Charging


C2 is also a convenient bedside device charger. It’s MFI certified for safe, intelligent charging of Apple products and any other USB powered mobile devices. 

With two USB ports and charging indicators, C2 is capable of safe, fast, dual simultaneous charging of phones and mobile devices so you will always start your day with full power.